How tech innovations are enhancing the travel experience in 2023

How tech innovations are enhancing the travel experience in 2023

The hospitality industry has undergone a rapid digital transformation in the past few years, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic that disrupted travel and tourism worldwide. As travelers resume their long-awaited trips in 2023, they have high expectations for their travel experience, which can be met by the latest tech innovations in the hospitality sector. In this article, we will explore four tech trends that are shaping the new travel era, as explained by Joy Ghosh, head of commercial, hospitality, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Amadeus.

The metaverse: a new dimension of travel

The metaverse is a term that describes the merging of virtual, augmented and physical reality, creating a new universe where people can interact, socialize and explore. The metaverse has a huge potential for the travel industry, as it can offer travelers new experiences that are not possible in the real world.

For example, travelers can enjoy virtual concerts and exhibitions, visit 3D theme parks and cruises, or even travel to different planets and dimensions. The metaverse can also help travelers get a complete idea of a travel experience before they book it, thanks to conversational AI and immersive technologies that can provide personalized travel inspiration.

Data: a cornerstone for strategic growth

Data is the most valuable commodity for hoteliers in this day and age, as it can help them drive demand, understand trends and stay ahead of the competition. To leverage data effectively, hoteliers need to have a hospitality business intelligence suite (software solution) that can give them a comprehensive overview of rates, occupancy and distribution trends. This can help them develop creative media plans, support sustainability measures and maximize the value of each traveler. Data can also help hoteliers forecast future demand and optimize pricing strategies using forward-looking data, such as on-the-books occupancy and rate information.

How tech innovations are enhancing the travel experience in 2023

Biometrics: a smoother and safer experience

Biometrics are fintech (financial technology) solutions that use voice, fingerprint, handprint or facial recognition to authenticate payments and identity. Biometrics have been widely adopted in the travel industry and beyond, as they can offer travelers a smoother and safer experience during their trips. For instance, biometrics can enable travelers to check in at hotels or airports, use rental car services or access their rooms using their smartphones or smartwatches. Biometrics can also enhance security and privacy by reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Sustainability: a key priority for travelers and hoteliers

Sustainability has become a key priority for both travelers and hoteliers in 2023, as they are more aware of the environmental and social impact of their actions. Travelers are looking for eco-friendly and socially responsible practices from their travel providers, such as reducing carbon emissions, using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste and supporting local communities. Hoteliers are responding to this demand by implementing green initiatives, such as using smart devices to control energy consumption, offering organic food and beverages, recycling materials and partnering with NGOs and charities.


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