India Welcomes Tesla If involved in Domestic Production

India Welcomes Tesla: Elon Musk, who lives at the height of his world-famous reputation for being the SpaceX company that owns spacecraft. CEO of the famous car company Tesla.

The company has asked the government to reduce its import duty on Tesla cars sold in India. Permission was sought to sell cars manufactured abroad in India. The Government of India replied that permission would granted in case of domestic production.

“Tesla will not set up a manufacturing plant in any country where cars are not first allowed to sold and serviced,” Musk said in a tweet. Tesla, the American electric car maker, must first allow its cars to sold and serviced in one country. Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, has said it will not manufacture its cars locally until then.

India Welcomes Tesla

Addressing a global summit on TV9 on Saturday, Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Mahendra Nath said, “Prime Minister Modi-led government is advancing rapidly on the policy of Atmanirbar Bharat, but will not compromise in any way on Atmanirbar Bharat or Autonomous India policy. They are welcome, but they will allowed only to follow the policies of the country.

In August last year, Musk had said that if Tesla had successful with vehicles imported into India, it could set up a manufacturing division in India. Currently, the CIF imposes a 100% import tax on fully imported cars worth over $ 40,000 (cost, insurance, and inventory) and a 60% tax on vehicles sold at a lower price.

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