European Commission imposed a deadline on WhatsApp to adopt Welfare laws

Whatsapp to adopt welfare laws

WhatsApp to adopt Welfare laws: The privacy policies for the WhatsApp site, which is run by Meta, were updated last January. In this context, concerns have raised on behalf of various consumer welfare organizations in Europe. In such a scenario, the European Commission last Wednesday set a deadline for WhatsApp to adopt EU consumer welfare laws within a specified time frame.

The European Consumer Organization and the Network of European Consumer Organizations have complained that WhatsApp did not provide an adequate explanation for the update to the Privacy Policy. It also accused of violating EU consumer laws.

At the same time, national enforcement agencies have full authority to take action against companies that violate EU consumer welfare laws. The European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network consists of a team consisting of the National Consumer Organization Monitor and representatives of the European Union. On behalf of the organization, a notice had sent to WhatsApp last January to explain the updated privacy policy.

Whatsapp to adopt welfare laws

Not satisfied with the response given on WhatsApp

WhatsApp responded last March to a letter from the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network regarding a privacy policy update. However, the network said that the response they sent was not satisfactory. Following this, a letter sent to WhatsApp last Wednesday asking for further clarification regarding the privacy policy update.

Commenting on the letter sent to WhatsApp, Deedee Reinders, head of the Consumer Protection Network, said: “Users need to be able to understand the extent to which WhatsApp uses their personal information commercially. In particular, the details of the data provided to the Service Borders should disclosed, ”he said.

WhatsApp said it would respond to the letter promptly. WhatsApp said it had not made any changes to the policy, which updated in January, to the extent that users’ data details would compromised.

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