Causes of Drinking Too Much Pepsi – Person Who Spends 6.7 Lakhs Annually for Pepsi


Causes of Drinking Too Much Pepsi: Pepsi Briar Assault, a British national, says he can drink up to 30 cans of Pepsi a day.

Andy Curie, 41, of North Wales, UK. He claims to be a giant addict of Pepsi soft drinks. He says he has been drinking Pepsi since he was 20, and that he has drunk about 2 lakh 19 thousand cans of Pepsi so far. He claims to drink an average of 30 cans of Pepsi a day and has so far spent just Rs 6.7 lakh a year buying Pepsi alone.


At one point, his body weight exceeded 120 kg and he became very ill. In this case, he contacted London-based therapist David Kilmury to regulate his health. He has given a hypnotic treatment to Andy Curie to stop the craze on Pepsi.

Curie, who lost about 12kg after the treatment, said he stopped smoking Pepsi for a month. Also, Curie is happy to say that he just wants to drink more water and that his wife appreciates that his skin is better than before.

Doctor David Kilmury, who says it’s very dangerous to become addicted to soft drinks like this, says he was shocked at first when he heard that he drank so much Pepsi. Dr. David also said that drinking too much soft drink can cause great harm to vital parts of the body.

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