Georgia Hosts 57th Annual Meeting: A Story of Resilience

As the Asian Development Bank (ADB) prepares for its 57th Annual Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, the Georgia Resident Mission has organized a three-day knowledge-sharing event. This event brings together some of Georgia’s leading private companies, ADB management, and staff to discuss critical topics related to the country’s development.

Georgia’s Private Sector: A Story of Resilience

Macroeconomics and Financial Sector

Georgia’s economic resilience has been remarkable, even in challenging times. The private sector has played a pivotal role in driving growth and stability. Experts at the meeting delved into Georgia’s macroeconomic indicators, financial sector reforms, and strategies for sustainable economic development.

Georgian cultural heritage

Capital Markets and Investment Opportunities

The discussion extended to capital markets, exploring investment opportunities within Georgia. Participants analyzed trends, risk factors, and ways to attract foreign direct investment. The country’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia positions it as an attractive investment destination.

Sustainable Finance in Renewable Energy and Water Sectors

Georgia’s commitment to sustainable development was a focal point. The private sector has actively engaged in renewable energy projects, harnessing the potential of hydropower and solar resources. The water sector, too, has seen innovative financing models to ensure efficient water management.

Regenerative Agriculture and Livable Cities

The meeting emphasized regenerative agriculture practices that enhance soil health, biodiversity, and food security. Additionally, discussions revolved around creating inclusive and livable cities. Urban planning, infrastructure development, and community engagement were key aspects explored.

Gastro-Conference: A Taste of Georgian Culture

The event concluded with a gastro-conference, celebrating Georgian culture and hospitality. Attendees enjoyed traditional cuisine, vibrant music, and polyphonic singing—a testament to Georgia’s rich heritage.

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