Council of Europe Commissioner Condemns GD’s Homophobic Bill

In a significant development, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, has expressed deep concern regarding the present political discourse in Georgia. Specifically, she addressed the announcement made by the Georgian Dream Party regarding their initiative to amend the Constitution and adopt a new constitutional law on ‘Protection of Family Values and Underaged Persons’. Mijatović emphasized that this move reflects entrenched harmful stereotypes and prejudice against LGBTI people in Georgian society.

Georgian Dream Party

The Impact and Political Manipulation

Mijatović highlighted the potential negative impact on the human rights, safety, and well-being of LGBTI individuals and their defenders. She also criticized the political manipulation of LGBTI-phobia in the run-up to elections, which she previously condemned. The Commissioner called for a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination and incitement to violence targeting LGBTI people.

A Call for Respect and Solidarity

As hate crimes and discrimination persist against LGBTI individuals in Georgia, Mijatović urged the Georgian authorities to fully respect their human rights obligations. She emphasized the importance of an enabling environment for civil society and human rights defenders. In her statement, she stood in solidarity with those advocating for equality and human dignity for all members of Georgian society, including LGBTI people.

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