Billionaire tech executive joins Tim Scott’s super PAC as finance chair

Tim Scott’s presidential campaign gets a boost from David Steward

Republican Senator Tim Scott, who is running for president in 2023, has received a major endorsement from a billionaire tech executive. David Steward, the founder and chair of IT provider World Wide Technology, has joined Scott’s super PAC, Trust In The Mission PAC, as its finance chair. Steward will lead the fundraising efforts for the political action committee, which supports Scott’s campaign and promotes his vision for America.

Steward is one of the richest African Americans in the country, with an estimated net worth of $7 billion, according to Forbes. He has been a generous donor to Republican causes and candidates, including former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Steward said he was impressed by Scott’s optimistic view of America and his ability to connect with people from different backgrounds.

“His [Scott’s] optimistic view of what America can do for everyone is one of the many reasons I’m proud to joining TIM PAC as Finance Chairman and helping him become the next president of the United States,” Steward said in a statement provided by the PAC.

Billionaire tech executive joins Tim Scott’s super PAC as finance chair

Tim Scott faces a crowded field of Republican contenders

Scott, who is the only Black Republican in the Senate, announced his candidacy for president in August 2023. He is one of the most prominent and popular figures in the GOP, known for his conservative views on fiscal and social issues, as well as his efforts to promote criminal justice reform and opportunity zones. He also delivered the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress in April 2023, where he declared that “America is not a racist country.”

However, Scott faces a tough challenge from a crowded field of Republican contenders, including former President Donald Trump, who remains the frontrunner in most polls. Scott currently has 2% support in the Republican primary, according to a Morning Consult tracker. Trump leads the primary with 58% of support, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 13%, former Vice President Mike Pence with 9%, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 5%.

Scott is hoping to gain more traction and visibility by participating in Wednesday’s debate, which will feature 10 candidates on stage. He will have to compete for attention and airtime with Trump, who is expected to dominate the event with his fiery rhetoric and loyal base.

Tim Scott’s super PAC has raised more than $19 million

Despite his low polling numbers, Scott has a strong financial advantage over most of his rivals. His super PAC, Trust In The Mission PAC, has raised more than $19 million and had $15 million on hand going into the second half of the year, according to Federal Election Commission records. The PAC was launched in June 2023 by former Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, who is one of its co-chairs.

The PAC has been spending heavily on TV and digital ads to boost Scott’s profile and message across the country. It has also been organizing grassroots events and mobilizing supporters in key states. The PAC’s website says it aims to “build a movement that will elect Tim Scott as our next president and help him enact his bold agenda for America.”

The PAC’s biggest donor so far is Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle Corporation, who has given $35 million to the group. Ellison is another tech billionaire who owns the sixth-largest island in Hawaii and has a net worth of $115 billion, according to Forbes. Ellison has been a longtime friend and supporter of Scott, who he praised as “a brilliant leader who understands how to create jobs and opportunities for all Americans.”

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