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AMD Launches New Premium Hood for Classic Ford Trucks

Auto Metal Direct (AMD), a leading manufacturer and distributor of classic American muscle car and truck restoration parts, has announced the release of a new premium hood for the 1967-1972 Ford F100 F250 F350 Bumpside pickup trucks. The hood is designed to replicate the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) style and fit, using high-grade automotive steel and precise craftsmanship. The hood is a tribute to the Bumpside trucks, which have a distinct bumped line on their flanks and are considered as icons of automotive history.

A Homage to the Bumpside Trucks

The Bumpside trucks are the fourth generation of the Ford F-Series, which were produced from 1967 to 1972. They are named after the prominent body line that runs along the sides of the truck, creating a contrast with the smooth surface of the previous generation. The Bumpside trucks were popular for their ruggedness, versatility, and style, and featured various innovations such as coil spring suspension, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. Some of the most notable models of this generation are the Ranger, the Camper Special, and the SuperCab.

The Bumpside trucks have a loyal fan base among classic truck enthusiasts, who appreciate their unique design and performance. According to Jason Chandler, the president of AMD, “The restoration market has exploded for the 67-72 Ford Pickup Trucks and AMD is meeting those demands with premium quality restoration parts.” He added that AMD’s new hood is a homage to the classics, blending precision and heritage.

A High-Quality Reproduction Hood

AMD’s new hood is a steel reproduction of the OEM hood that came with the 1967-1972 Ford F100 F250 F350 Bumpside trucks. The hood has been carefully crafted to match the original curves, bends, and contours of the truck’s body. The hood is made from high-grade automotive steel that ensures its durability and authenticity. The hood also features an EDP coating that protects it from rust and corrosion.

AMD Launches New Premium

The AMD hood is designed to integrate seamlessly with the truck’s original structure, suggesting a flawless fit. The hood comes with pre-drilled holes for hinges, latches, emblems, and trim. The hood also has a provision for installing an optional hood scoop or cowl induction. The hood is compatible with all models of the 1967-1972 Ford F100 F250 F350 Bumpside trucks, regardless of engine size or configuration.

A Trusted Source for Restoration Parts

AMD is a company based in Gainesville, Georgia, that specializes in providing auto body parts for classic cars and trucks. They have experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing restoration parts for various classic vehicle models, including GM, Mopar, and Ford. Their focus on quality and fit positions them as a chosen source for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

AMD offers a wide range of products for restoring classic vehicles, such as fenders, doors, quarter panels, trunk lids, bumpers, grilles, hoods, valances, floor pans, dash panels, glass, moldings, weatherstripping, and more. They also offer complete body shells for some models, such as the 1969 Camaro and the 1970 Chevelle. AMD’s products are available through their website or through authorized dealers across the country.

For further details on the Hood – OE Style – 67-72 Ford F100 F250 F350 or other products by AMD, individuals can refer to the company’s website or contact their customer service.

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