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How a 90s rock song became the new anthem for US sports fans

The song ‘Higher’ by Creed, released in 1999, has found a new life on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where it has been used as a soundtrack for various sports-related videos and memes. The song, which features the lyrics “Can you take me higher? To a place where blind men see”, has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for many sports fans, especially in the US.

The rise of ‘Higher’ on TikTok

The song ‘Higher’ by Creed first gained popularity on TikTok in July 2023, when a user named @jakepaul posted a video of himself singing along to the song while driving his car. The video went viral, with over 10 million views and 2 million likes, and sparked a trend of other users doing the same. Some of the most popular videos include a woman singing the song while skydiving, a man singing the song while riding a roller coaster, and a group of friends singing the song while playing golf.

The song also became associated with sports teams and athletes, who used it as a motivational anthem or a celebratory tune. For example, the Texas Rangers baseball team played the song during their home games in the 2023 American League Championship Series, and the fans joined in singing the chorus. The song was also used by the US women’s soccer team, who sang it after winning the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

How a 90s rock song became the new anthem for US sports fans

The impact of ‘Higher’ on YouTube and other platforms

The song ‘Higher’ by Creed also spread to other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, where it was used in various sports-related videos and memes. Some of the most popular videos include a compilation of NBA players making clutch shots with the song playing in the background, a parody of the song featuring the voice of former US president Donald Trump, and a mashup of the song with the theme song of the TV show Friends.

The song also inspired many fans and celebrities to create their own versions or covers of the song, such as singer Ed Sheeran, who performed the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden, comedian Kevin Hart, who sang the song in a carpool karaoke segment, and actor Tom Cruise, who sang the song while doing a stunt for his upcoming movie Mission: Impossible 8.

The reaction of Creed and their fans

The band Creed, who disbanded in 2004 and reunited in 2009, expressed their surprise and gratitude for the resurgence of their song ‘Higher’ on social media. The lead singer Scott Stapp, who struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues in the past, said that he was happy that the song was bringing joy and positivity to people, especially during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. He also said that he was proud that the song was being used as a source of inspiration and motivation for sports fans and athletes.

The fans of Creed, who have been loyal to the band since their debut in 1997, also welcomed the new popularity of their song ‘Higher’ on social media. They said that they felt vindicated and validated for their love and support of the band, who were often criticized and mocked by critics and other music fans for their style and lyrics. They also said that they hoped that the song would introduce a new generation of listeners to the band’s music and message.

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