ERIKS invests £35k to upgrade its Hose Technology Centre in Leicester

ERIKS invests £35k to upgrade its Hose Technology Centre in Leicester

ERIKS, a specialised industrial service provider, has announced a £35,000 upgrade to its Hose Technology Centre in Leicester, UK. The upgrade aims to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of the facility, which offers a range of hose assembly and testing services.

Improved layout and equipment

The Hose Technology Centre has been redesigned to create a more spacious and ergonomic working environment for the staff. The layout has been optimised to reduce manual handling and improve workflow. The upgrade also includes new equipment, such as a hydraulic swaging machine, a hydrostatic pressure test rig, a hose cutting machine and a hose coiling machine. These machines enable the centre to produce high-quality hose assemblies faster and more accurately.

Enhanced capabilities and services

The Hose Technology Centre can now offer a wider range of hose assemblies, including hydraulic, industrial, composite, metallic and PTFE hoses. The centre can also provide customised solutions, such as colour coding, tagging, bundling and kitting. The centre has the capability to test hose assemblies up to 2,000 bar, and issue test certificates and reports. The centre also offers hose inspection, cleaning, flushing and recertification services.

ERIKS invests £35k to upgrade its Hose Technology Centre in Leicester

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

The Hose Technology Centre serves customers from various industrial sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, power generation and water treatment. The upgrade will enable the centre to meet the increasing demand and expectations of these customers, who require reliable, safe and compliant hose assemblies. The centre will also be able to offer faster turnaround times, reduced lead times and lower costs. The upgrade will help the centre to strengthen its customer relationships and loyalty, and attract new business opportunities.


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