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CCPS celebrates its outstanding student athletes

CCPS celebrates its outstanding student athletes

Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) recently honored its top student athletes for their academic and athletic achievements. The annual event, which was held virtually due to the pandemic, recognized 33 students from 11 high schools who excelled in various sports and maintained a high grade point average.

A tradition of excellence

The CCPS Student Athlete Recognition Program has been a tradition for more than 20 years, according to CCPS Superintendent Dr. Morcease J. Beasley. He said the program aims to celebrate the students who balance their academic and athletic responsibilities with dedication and discipline.

“These students represent the best and the brightest of CCPS. They have shown remarkable resilience and perseverance in the face of unprecedented challenges. They have not only succeeded in their chosen sports, but also in their classrooms and communities. They are role models for their peers and future leaders of our society,” Beasley said.

CCPS celebrates its outstanding student athletes

Beasley also thanked the parents, coaches, teachers, and administrators who supported and guided the student athletes throughout their journey. He said their involvement and encouragement were crucial for the students’ success.

A diverse and talented group

The 33 student athletes who were honored represented a diverse and talented group of young men and women. They participated in various sports, such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, track and field, cross country, wrestling, cheerleading, and golf. They also achieved impressive academic results, with an average GPA of 3.8 and an average SAT score of 1200.

Some of the student athletes also received scholarships and awards from prestigious colleges and universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Georgia Tech, and Morehouse. Some of them also expressed their interest in pursuing careers in medicine, engineering, law, education, and business.

The following is the list of the student athletes who were honored, along with their high school, sport, and GPA:

  • Aaliyah Anderson, Elite Scholars Academy, Basketball, 4.0
  • Aaliyah Rucker, Forest Park High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Abigail Cruz, Riverdale High, Soccer, 3.8
  • Adia Johnson, Lovejoy High, Track and Field, 3.9
  • Aiden Brown, Jonesboro High, Football, 3.8
  • Aisha Diallo, North Clayton High, Volleyball, 3.9
  • Amari Gary, Mundy’s Mill High, Football, 3.8
  • Amaya Register, Elite Scholars Academy, Basketball, 4.0
  • Anaya Arnold, Morrow High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Andrew Nmah, Mount Zion High, Soccer, 3.8
  • Angelica Vines, Elite Scholars Academy, Basketball, 4.0
  • Aniyah Lee, Drew High, Basketball, 3.8
  • Anthony Henderson, Jonesboro High, Football, 3.9
  • Arianna Anderson, Elite Scholars Academy, Basketball, 4.0
  • Armoni Brown, Mundy’s Mill High, Football, 3.8
  • Ashanti Cobb, North Clayton High, Volleyball, 3.9
  • Ashlyn Brown, Riverdale High, Soccer, 3.8
  • Ayanna Dixon, Lovejoy High, Track and Field, 3.9
  • Brianna Turnipseed, Drew High, Basketball, 3.8
  • Caleb Wooden, Mount Zion High, Soccer, 3.8
  • Cameron McDowell, Morrow High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Christian White, Forest Park High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Christopher Paul Jr., North Clayton High, Football, 3.8
  • Dallis Goodnight, Riverdale High, Tennis, 3.9
  • Deyvi Martinez, Forest Park High, Soccer, 3.8
  • Elijah Hobson, Lovejoy High, Football, 3.9
  • Jada Session, Jonesboro High, Basketball, 3.8
  • Jalen Peterson, Mundy’s Mill High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Jamia Johnson, Morrow High, Track and Field, 3.8
  • Jayla Kimbrough, Drew High, Basketball, 3.9
  • Joshua Smith, Mount Zion High, Football, 3.8
  • Kailyn Horton, Elite Scholars Academy, Basketball, 4.0
  • Kameron Edge, Jonesboro High, Basketball, 3.9

A message of inspiration

The virtual event also featured a keynote speech by Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, the president and dean of Morehouse School of Medicine. She shared her personal story of overcoming obstacles and achieving her dreams of becoming a physician and a leader. She also offered some words of wisdom and inspiration to the student athletes.

“Your success is not defined by your circumstances, but by your choices. You have the power to shape your own destiny. You have the potential to make a positive impact in the world. You have the responsibility to use your talents and gifts for the greater good. You have the opportunity to pursue your passions and fulfill your purpose. You have the courage to face your challenges and overcome your fears. You have the vision to see beyond the present and imagine the future. You have the spirit to soar above the ordinary and reach for the extraordinary. You have the CCPS pride to be the best and the brightest,” she said.

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