Can Money Buy Happiness? How Rich Do You Want To Be?

Can Money Buy Happiness – Now on to a billion-dollar question can money buy happiness? It’s a question as old as time. Some say happiness cannot be bought. Others say the road to happiness is lined with money. But today we want to ask you another important question how much money do you need to lead the perfect life? A million dollars? Perhaps $100 million? Your answer may be less or more, but a new study has tried to find out how much money we need to live an ideal life. Our next report tells you more.

Money can’t buy happiness, they say. Is that your life? Month or two? Or are you one of those who believe that while money can’t make you happy, it can make the pursuit of happiness a little easier? Whatever your life’s goal may be, how much you earn, inherit, or save in a lifetime plays a vital role in how you live life.

The kind of decisions you make, your social circle, even at times whom you marry, or even the decision or choice to have a child. Which is why a recent study tried to answer a question we often ask ourselves how much money do I need to live an ideal life? While one’s definition of an ideal life may vary, research has tried to put a price on it.

Can Money Buy Happiness

Can American People Buy Happiness?

It finds that most people are satisfied with around $10 million. They say that’s what they need to live their version of an ideal life. 80 people across the world were part of this study, and in 86% of the countries, a majority said that they thought they would be satisfied with $10 million or even less. There were some exceptions, of course. For instance, many Americans wanted $100 billion.

Can Indian People Buy Happiness?

Meanwhile, in Argentina, India, and Russia, more than 50% said that they would like $1 million or less. But that’s not the surprising finding. The study says that not everyone wants to be as rich as possible. Evidence from 33 countries challenges a popular assumption that we all have unlimited wants and needs. This economic principle has guided popular culture, business, commerce, and marketing. It has influenced all of us into being part of hustle culture.

Chasing money has been glorified in cinema and entertainment big houses, flashy cars, diamonds the bigger the better. Designer handbags, sprawling estates. This lifestyle has always been touted as the big dream and ideal to work towards. Perhaps. But the study suggests that a majority of us are, in fact, not seeking unlimited means to lead a perfect life.

If such a perfect life exists, that is. So why is this report important for all of us? Because the notion of unlimited wants, mast in ambition creates social pressure on all of us to buy more, consume more, and spend more. We follow trends aspire to own luxury, and get enamored with all things bling. We’re not saying that’s all wrong, but this unchecked grief has huge costs for our planet.

The report yet again reminds us that happiness and peace of mind are not linked to money. And in an age where the Buy Now button looks so tempting, perhaps some reflection is needed because you can’t put a price on happiness via a report.

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