Australia Flood – 50000 People in Sydney told to Evacuate

Australia Flood – Meanwhile, in Australia, about 50,000 people have been urged to evacuate their homes as floods hit the country’s largest city for the third time this year. Parts of Sydney have received about eight months of rain in four days. Roads have been cut off, some houses are underwater and thousands have been left without power. More than 100 evacuation orders have been issued across greater Sydney for the current emergency. Sean Mcclellan is in northwestern Sydney.

In some parts of Windsor, roads have turned into small rivers and the only way to get around is by boat. A once-in-a-century weather event has now happened twice just this year. Melissa and her family have been without power for nearly 24 hours now.

“They’ve been told to evacuate this time. Because the water is over the road now. Yeah, I’m a little bit worried, but as soon as the power got cut off yesterday as well, that was hard to go because we had no power.”

Australia Flood

Some residents in this neighborhood have been rescued by the emergency services and others have evacuated. Some are waiting in their homes, praying. That they don’t get stuck and that.

The water doesn’t rise even further. The thing you keep hearing time and time again is how exhausting it’s all been for them. One local told me that facing one catastrophic flood is hard enough, but having to deal with three or four in less than two years is just devastating.

Experts About Australia Flood

Sam lives just across the road, but can get to her house. This is the second time it’s been flooded in three months. So did you just clean up your property then? Sam Replied Yeah, we kind of just had everything sorted, like clean up fixed up. You can mix this water. It’s protein powder. Linda has been helping people here for years. She herself has had to evacuate the night before and tells me she’s never seen floods this bad.

The community is still recovering from the last flood and the one before. Actually, some people are still recovering from the fires. We’re just all in shock and everybody is traumatized.

This event is far from over. Please don’t be complacent. Wherever you are, please be careful when you’re driving on our roads. Obviously, there is still substantial risk for flash flooding across our state.

Experts say the flooding emergency has been worsened by climate change and Alania weather phenomenon. It’ll take months, if not years, for communities here to rebuild. And in the back of everyone’s mind is the fear of when they’ll have to go through this again.

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