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United Airlines Aims for the Best Sleep in the Sky with Polaris Upgrades

United Airlines has announced the biggest overhaul of its Polaris international business class product in seven years, with a focus on improving the sleep and wellness of its customers. The airline has partnered with renowned brands Saks Fifth Avenue and Therabody to introduce new bedding and onboard amenity kits, respectively. The enhancements also include new Therabody Reset Suites in Polaris lounges, featuring sound and vibration therapy chairs, massage guns, compression boots, and smart eye masks.

New Bedding and Amenity Kits by Saks Fifth Avenue and Therabody

Customers flying in Polaris lie-flat seats will now receive a duvet and two pillows, one of which will be a cooling gel pillow, by Saks Fifth Avenue. And from now through early 2024, they will also get to cozy up with an additional day blanket made from 100 percent recycled plastic and designed by Cameroonian fashion powerhouse Claude Kameni.

“I find inspiration from my culture and my background,” Kameni said at an event in New York held to reveal the new United products. “When they selected me I wanted to design something that resonated with United and with my culture. So I took the United blue and some colors to brighten the day—lavender and green. They represent the brightness [of] my culture.”

As for the new onboard amenity kits, they include an eye serum to reduce puffiness, a hydrating face spray, hand cream, and a cleansing towelette from wellness technology brand Therabody. The kit also includes a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, ear plugs, socks, and a pen.

United Airlines Aims for the Best Sleep in the Sky with Polaris Upgrades

Therabody Reset Suites in Polaris Lounges

The partnership with Therabody extends beyond the inflight experience, however. Therabody will also be bringing its high-tech relaxation devices to Polaris lounges. Therabody’s new Reset Suites will start opening this fall at all United Polaris lounges, beginning with Newark Liberty International Airport and San Francisco International Airport Polaris lounges in late October, followed by Chicago O’Hare, Houston Intercontinental, Los Angeles, and Washington Dulles.

Each Polaris lounge will feature at least one semi-private room each outfitted with a Therabody Lounger (sound and vibration therapy chairs), and there will also be Theraguns (the brand’s well-known massage guns), RecoveryAir JetBoots (wireless compression boots), and Therabody SmartGoggles (smart eye masks) on hand for travelers to use. Therabody skincare products will be available in the Polaris lounge restrooms and showers, too.

Additionally, regardless of cabin class, all United international fliers will be able to access Therabody content on their seatback screens, including exercises, breathwork, and meditation videos.

United’s Commitment to Customer Experience

The enhancements to the airline’s international business class product are part of United’s commitment to providing its customers with the best experience flying to their destinations. “International travel is booming and our customers have direct access to more places around the globe than any other airline – with these new amenities, now they’ll also have the best experience flying there,” said Andrew Nocella, United Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

United Airlines is the largest airline in the world by number of destinations served, with flights to over 375 airports across six continents. The airline operates a fleet of more than 800 aircraft, including Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350s that feature the Polaris business class seats.

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