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Michigan Tech soccer team ties with Davenport in a thrilling match

The Michigan Tech soccer team showed resilience and determination as they fought back from a one-goal deficit to secure a 1-1 draw against Davenport at Kearly Stadium on Friday afternoon. The Huskies maintained a solid record of 4-1-4 overall and 3-0-2 in GLIAC play, while the Panthers held a record of 4-1-3 overall and 1-1-3 in the loop.

A physical first half with no goals

The two teams had a physical showing through the first 45 minutes, with Davenport having a slight edge of 3-2 for shots on goal. The Huskies’ defense was solid, blocking several attempts by the Panthers to break through. The Huskies also created some chances of their own, with Cassie Bonifas and Olivia Gette testing the Davenport goalkeeper. However, neither team could find the net in the first half, and the game remained scoreless at halftime.

Davenport takes the lead, but Tech responds quickly

The defensive stalemate was broken in the 52nd minute with Madison Fant finding a loose ball that hit off the right post before burying it in the top right corner of the net. The Panthers celebrated their lead, but the Huskies did not lose hope. They remained poised and focused, looking for an equalizer.

Michigan Tech soccer team ties with Davenport in a thrilling match

Michigan Tech would answer with a goal of its own just over 10 minutes later, with Emilie Clayton once again capitalizing on a corner kick from Grace Hoeppner to find the back of the net and tie the game at one apiece. It was Clayton’s fourth goal of the season, and her third from a corner kick. Hoeppner recorded her fifth assist of the year, tying her for the team lead.

A frantic finish with no winner

Corner kicks continued to play a vital part in the Huskies’ offense as two more chances came off corner kicks in the latter stages of the second half. However, the Panthers’ goalkeeper would not give up another goal in the contest. Both Gette and Clayton had cracks at beating the Panthers’ netminder but came just shy of overcoming the tie.

Michigan Tech took to the corner with 1:30 remaining, with the corner kick deflecting upwards before hitting the field goal post and returning to Davenport for a goal kick. The Huskies’ offensive urgency almost cost them under a minute remaining, with Fant getting an opportunity to score after beating Tech’s backline, only to hit the right post and conclude the game in a 1-1 draw.

Coach Ozturk praises his team’s performance

After the game, head coach Turk Ozturk praised his team’s performance and attitude. “I thought we adjusted well in the second half, I was very happy with the way we dealt with adversity after going down by a goal,” he said. “When the equalizer happened with Emilie Clayton we continued pushing and wanted another one. Overall I thought it was a fair result.”

He also acknowledged the importance of corner kicks in his team’s strategy. “We work on them a lot in practice, and we have some players who can deliver great balls and some who can finish them,” he said. “It’s always nice to see that pay off in games.”

With this result, Michigan Tech remains tied for first place in GLIAC standings, with No. 13 Grand Valley State having an identical record of 3-0-2. The Huskies will face the Lakers on Sunday for Community Day, slated for a noon start time.

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