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How millennial women are embracing silence as a form of self-care

The rise of the #SilentWalk trend

Walking is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of exercise, but it can also be a powerful tool for mental health and well-being. This is the idea behind the #SilentWalk trend, which encourages people to go for walks without any distractions, such as music, podcasts, or social media. The trend is especially popular among millennial women, who are looking for ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of living in a fast-paced and noisy world.

The #SilentWalk trend was inspired by the Hot Girl Walk, a phenomenon created by Mia Lind, a University of South California student, in 2020. Lind started going for four-mile-long walks to confront her negative self-talk and focus on positive and aspirational thoughts. She shared her experience on TikTok, where she gained millions of views and followers. She also launched a website,, where she offers tips and affirmations for people who want to join the movement.

However, some people found the Hot Girl Walk too intimidating or unrealistic, as it required dressing up in cool athleisure wear and walking like they owned the world. That’s why some millennial women decided to try a more low-key and minimalist approach: the Silent Walk.

How millennial women are embracing silence

The benefits of the Silent Walk

The Silent Walk is not just a walk without sound. It is also a walk without judgment, expectations, or pressure. It is a walk that allows people to be present in the moment, to observe their surroundings, and to listen to their inner voice. It is a walk that grants them the opportunity to peacefully think about their day, their goals, and their feelings.

According to some of the participants of the Silent Walk, the benefits are manifold. Julia Salvia, a 29-year-old beauty and self-love content creator from New Jersey, told The Post that the silent walks have helped her reduce her anxiety and cope with the sudden loss of her father. She said that the walks have also inspired her to launch a podcast on the subject of self-love.

Kenzie Elizabeth, a 26-year-old lifestyle influencer from Dallas, Texas, who earned 25,000 likes on a video dedicated to the trend, said that the silent walks have been a “game changer” for her mental health. She said that the walks have given her more clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Natasha Ibrahim, a 27-year-old personal development trendsetter from Austin, Texas, agreed that the silent walks have given her the space to dream up new ideas for her personal brand expansion. She said that the walks have also helped her connect with nature and appreciate the beauty around her.

How to join the Silent Walk

The Silent Walk is not a rigid or complicated exercise. It is a flexible and adaptable practice that anyone can do at any time and place. The only requirement is to leave behind any devices or gadgets that can distract or disturb you during your walk. You can also choose to wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good.

The duration and frequency of the silent walks are up to you. Some people prefer to do them every day, while others do them once or twice a week. Some people go for 20 or 30 minutes, while others go for an hour or more. The important thing is to find a rhythm that works for you and your schedule.

The Silent Walk is not meant to be a lonely or boring activity. It is meant to be a rewarding and enjoyable one. You can use your silent walks as an opportunity to explore new places, to notice new things, or to reflect on new topics. You can also use your silent walks as an opportunity to express gratitude, to practice mindfulness, or to meditate.

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