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Houston-based SCDC Partners with Good Gang USA to Bring Joy to the Community

Houston-based SCDC Partners with Good Gang USA to Bring Joy to the Community

SCDC: A Multifamily Real Estate Developer with a Vision

S.H.A.R.E. Community Development Corp (SCDC) is a multifamily real estate developer and builder that aims to revolutionize the market with its innovative approach to turnkey investing. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, SCDC applies decades of real estate development, construction, finance, investment, and management experience to achieve revolutionary results for its investor-purchasers.

SCDC develops unique multifamily apartment communities that feature brand-new, Class-A, affordable luxury buildings that are fully furnished and professionally designed. Each apartment unit offers a truly exceptional living experience with features such as rooftop patios and kitchens, attached garages, chef’s kitchens, spa-inspired bathrooms, smart home technology, and solar and battery power backups.

SCDC also builds its properties using superior quality pre-cast insulated concrete panels, which reduce construction time by up to 75% and ensure a rock-solid shell that is resistant to natural disasters, energy-efficient, and pest-resistant. SCDC’s properties provide unparalleled benefits to investor-purchasers, such as immediate equity, tax benefits, warranty, and cash-on-cash returns exceeding 1000% using SCDC’s proprietary capital stack for leverage.

Houston-based SCDC Partners with Good Gang USA to Bring Joy to the Community

Good Gang USA: A Nonprofit Organization with a Mission

Good Gang USA is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2021 by a group of friends who wanted to make a positive impact in their community. Good Gang USA’s mission is to spread love, kindness, and happiness to those who need it the most, especially during the holiday season.

Good Gang USA organizes various events and activities throughout the year, such as feeding the homeless, donating toys and clothes to children, hosting parties and concerts, and giving away scholarships and grants. Good Gang USA also partners with other organizations and businesses that share its vision and values, such as SCDC.

SCDC and Good Gang USA Join Forces to Spread Christmas Cheer in Houston

On December 15, 2023, SCDC and Good Gang USA announced their partnership to spread Christmas cheer in Houston. The two organizations teamed up to host a massive Christmas giveaway at one of SCDC’s multifamily apartment communities, where they distributed over 10,000 gifts, including toys, bikes, laptops, tablets, TVs, and cash prizes, to the residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

The event also featured live music, food trucks, games, and a special appearance by Santa Claus, who arrived in a helicopter. The event was attended by over 20,000 people, who expressed their gratitude and joy for the generous gesture. SCDC and Good Gang USA also donated $100,000 to the Houston Food Bank, which provides meals to thousands of families in need.

Odell Abdur-Raheem, the founder, chairman, and chief visionary officer of SCDC, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Good Gang USA, an amazing organization that shares our passion for giving back to the community. We believe that everyone deserves to have a happy and memorable Christmas, and we hope that our giveaway will bring smiles and hope to many people.”

Treyvon Johnson, the founder and president of Good Gang USA, said, “We are grateful to SCDC, a visionary company that is changing the game in the real estate industry. We appreciate their support and collaboration in making this event possible. We want to show the world that there is still good in the world, and that we can all be a part of the Good Gang.”

SCDC and Good Gang USA Plan to Continue Their Partnership in the Future

SCDC and Good Gang USA said that their partnership is not a one-time event, but a long-term relationship that will continue to benefit the community. The two organizations plan to host more events and giveaways in the future, as well as collaborate on other projects and initiatives that align with their goals and values.

SCDC and Good Gang USA also invited other organizations and businesses to join them in their efforts to make a difference in the world. They said that they are open to working with anyone who shares their vision and mission, and that they welcome any ideas and suggestions that can help them achieve their objectives.

SCDC and Good Gang USA said that they are confident that their partnership will inspire others to follow their example and join the movement of spreading love, kindness, and happiness to the world.

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