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Prince George’s passion for triathlon revealed by Prince William

Prince William has shared some details about his eldest son Prince George’s interest in triathlon, a sport that combines swimming, cycling and running. The Duke of Cambridge made the revelation while presenting an MBE to former world champion triathlete Non Stanford at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

Prince George tries out triathlon at school

According to Stanford, who received the MBE for her services to triathlon in Wales, Prince William told her that Prince George has been doing triathlon at school. The 10-year-old royal apparently learned some tips from a gentleman who works for William and has done some triathlon himself.

“He was telling me how George has been doing triathlon at school,” Stanford said. “There is also a gentleman who now works for William, has done a bit of triathlon and has been giving George advice about putting talcum powder in his shoes.”

The talcum powder trick is used by athletes to help them slip their feet into their shoes more easily and prevent rubbing during the race. Stanford said that George has been sharing his talc with his classmates and they are all excited about these tips.

Prince George’s passion for triathlon revealed by Prince William

Prince William praises the future of triathlon

Prince William also asked Stanford about the future of triathlon and the talent that is coming through, showing his interest in the sport that Britain excels at worldwide. Stanford, who retired from professional sports last year, said they had a very nice chat.

Stanford, 34, won the women’s world triathlon title in 2013 and secured fourth place at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She also claimed a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2022, before ending her career on a high note.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind of a year,” she said. “It was my last year of competing and in many ways I had a dream ending to my career with a European title and a Commonwealth Games medal.”

She added that she felt very fortunate that she was able to step away from triathlon on her own terms, as many people have to stop because of injury. She also got married to Aaron Royal and started her first “real” job as a coach.

Prince George follows his parents’ footsteps

Prince George’s passion for triathlon is not surprising, given that his parents are both keen sports enthusiasts. Prince William and Kate Middleton have participated in various sporting events and challenges over the years, showing their competitive spirit and athletic skills.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also encouraged their children to be active and enjoy outdoor activities. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been seen playing football, tennis, sailing and skiing with their parents.

Prince George, who celebrated his 10th birthday in July, is also known to love animals, nature and art. He is currently attending Thomas’s Battersea school in London, where he studies subjects such as maths, science, history, geography, French, music and drama.

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