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NFL Players Eager to Compete in Flag Football at 2028 Olympics in LA

Flag football, a less violent version of American football, is one step closer to becoming an Olympic sport in 2028. The organizers of the Los Angeles Olympics have proposed to include flag football in the program, along with baseball, softball, lacrosse, squash and cricket. The International Olympic Committee will vote on the proposal later this week at meetings in Mumbai, India.

What is flag football?

Flag football is a sport that is similar to American football, but instead of tackling, players pull flags attached to the belts of their opponents to stop them. The game is played on a smaller field with fewer players and less equipment than traditional football. Flag football is popular among children, women and recreational players who want to enjoy the thrill of football without the risk of injury.

Why flag football at the Olympics?

The NFL, the governing body of American football, has been supporting the bid for flag football to be included in the Olympics. The NFL sees flag football as a way to expand its global reach and attract new fans to the sport. The NFL has been staging regular-season games in London and Mexico City for more than a decade, and has plans to host games in Germany and Canada in the future.

NFL Players Eager to Compete in Flag Football at 2028 Olympics in LA

The NFL also believes that flag football can showcase the athleticism and skills of its players, who are among the most talented and diverse athletes in the world. Some NFL players have already expressed their interest in playing flag football at the Olympics, such as Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is friends with pop star Taylor Swift. Kelce said he would love to represent his country in flag football and compete against other nations.

How will flag football be played at the Olympics?

If flag football is approved by the IOC, it will be played as a mixed-gender sport, with teams consisting of four men and four women on the field at a time. The rules will be based on the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) flag football rules, which are used for international competitions such as the World Flag Football Championship.

The format of the tournament will be similar to other team sports at the Olympics, with a preliminary round followed by a knockout stage. The number of teams and matches will depend on the final decision of the IOC and the LA organizing committee.

What are the chances of flag football being accepted?

Flag football faces some challenges in its bid to become an Olympic sport. One of them is the limited time and space available for new sports at the Olympics, which already have 28 core sports and five additional sports for Paris 2024. Another challenge is the lack of global popularity and recognition of flag football, which is mainly played in North America.

However, flag football also has some advantages that could boost its chances of being accepted. One of them is the support of the NFL, which is one of the most powerful and influential sports leagues in the world. Another advantage is the appeal of flag football as a fun, fast-paced and inclusive sport that can attract young and diverse audiences. A third advantage is the opportunity for flag football to showcase American culture and values at the Olympics, which will be held in Los Angeles for the first time since 1984.

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