Residents oppose plan for 70ft mobile phone mast near their home

Residents of New Quay, Ceredigion, are protesting against a planning application for a 70ft mobile phone mast that would be built near their home. They fear that the mast would affect the value of their property and ruin their rural lifestyle.

The mast, proposed by Vodafone, would be located at the back of Quay West Holiday Park, a site owned by Haven Holidays. The company said that the mast would improve mobile coverage in the area, which can be congested during the summer.

How the mast could impact the residents

Henry Dent and Lauren Bromley, who live next to the holiday park, said that the mast would overlook their home and make them feel “invisible”. They said that they have invested everything they have into their property, which they consider their “forever home”.

They also said that they believe that their home’s value would be affected by the mast and that they could end up in negative equity. Negative equity is when the price of a property falls so that it is no longer worth as much as the loan that was taken out on it.

“It’s devastating. We’ve put everything we have into this property. It’s our forever home,” Henry said.

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Why the mast is needed according to Haven Holidays and Vodafone

Haven Holidays and Vodafone said that the mast is needed to enhance mobile connectivity in the area, which can benefit both visitors and locals. They said that they want to work closely with the authorities and the local community to address any issues.

“As we continue to develop our plans we want to work closely with the authorities and the local community and seek to address any issues,” a Haven Holidays spokesperson said.

Dr Robert Bowen, a business lecturer from Cardiff University Business School, said that having up-to-date infrastructure in rural areas can help maintain tourism levels and prevent economic disadvantage.

“A number of people go on holiday and expect to see the same services that they have in those places as they would do at home,” he said.

“So, if they have an experience where they’re frustrated by a lack of connectivity they might not return. So it certainly can ensure that it can maintain tourism levels that exist within the area.”

What are the next steps for the planning application

The planning application for the mast was submitted to Ceredigion County Council and was open for public comments until 6 October. So far, more than 50 objections have been posted on the council’s planning portal.

Henry Dent is leading a campaign for local opposition and has collected signatures from other residents who are against the mast. He said that he has lost a lot of sleep over this issue and feels powerless.

“Worrying, feeling completely powerless – a small objection on a portal online is the only voice I have,” he said.

The council has not yet made a decision on whether to approve or reject the application. Vodafone has been approached for comment but has not responded yet.

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