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Jim’s Gym founder wins Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday award

What is Small Business Sunday?

Small Business Sunday (#SBS) is a weekly competition that runs on Theo Paphitis’ Twitter and Instagram accounts. Theo Paphitis is a retail entrepreneur and former star of the TV show Dragon’s Den. He launched #SBS in 2010 to support small businesses in the UK. Every Sunday between 5pm and 7:30pm, small business owners can tweet or post about their business to @theopaphitis, using the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky winners are chosen every Monday at 8pm and get a retweet or repost from Theo to his over half a million followers. They also get to enter their profile on the #SBS website, attend an annual networking event and take advantage of various opportunities.

Who is James Hilton?

James Hilton is a personal trainer based in the Cotswolds. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has worked with celebrities, athletes and corporate clients. He is passionate about helping older adults stay fit and active, and he believes that ageing does not have to mean a decline in physical and mental ability. He launched Jim’s Gym in September 2023, which is an online gym offering a subscription service where people over 55 can exercise safely in their own homes. Jim’s Gym provides live and recorded classes, personal coaching, nutrition advice and a supportive community.

Jim’s Gym founder wins Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday award

How did he win the #SBS award?

He also posted an image of himself with some of his clients, showing their enthusiasm and energy. The next day, he was delighted to find out that he was one of the six winners chosen by Theo Paphitis. He received a congratulatory message from Theo and a repost of his tweet to Theo’s followers. He also got access to the #SBS website, where he can showcase his business profile and network with other winners.

What are the benefits of winning the #SBS award?

Winning the #SBS award has given James Hilton a boost in his business visibility and credibility. He has gained more exposure to potential customers, partners and media outlets. He has also received positive feedback and encouragement from other small business owners and #SBS winners. He hopes that his success will inspire more older adults to join Jim’s Gym and enjoy the benefits of fitness and wellness.

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