President Japarov meets with ROTOBO business association in Tokyo

President Japarov meets with ROTOBO business association in Tokyo

Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov held a meeting with the management of the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and NIS (ROTOBO) during his working visit to Tokyo on November 20, 2023. The meeting was aimed at strengthening the bilateral economic and trade relations between Kyrgyzstan and Japan, as well as attracting Japanese investments and technologies to the Central Asian country.

ROTOBO is a key partner for Kyrgyzstan

ROTOBO is one of the largest and most influential business associations in Japan, with more than 300 member companies from various sectors, including finance, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. ROTOBO has been actively promoting trade and economic cooperation with the countries of the former Soviet Union, especially in the fields of energy, infrastructure, and agriculture.

President Japarov praised ROTOBO’s role in facilitating the dialogue and partnership between Kyrgyz and Japanese businesses, and expressed his gratitude for the association’s support and assistance to Kyrgyzstan in various projects and initiatives. He also invited ROTOBO to participate in the upcoming Kyrgyz-Japan Business Forum, which will be held in Bishkek in December 2023, and to explore the opportunities and potential of the Kyrgyz market.

Kyrgyzstan offers favorable conditions for Japanese investors

President Japarov also highlighted the advantages and benefits of investing and doing business in Kyrgyzstan, such as its strategic location, rich natural resources, favorable tax regime, free trade agreements, and young and skilled workforce. He assured the Japanese side that his government is committed to creating a stable, transparent, and business-friendly environment in Kyrgyzstan, and to protecting the rights and interests of foreign investors.

President Japarov meets with ROTOBO business association in Tokyo

He also mentioned some of the priority sectors and projects that Kyrgyzstan is interested in attracting Japanese investments and technologies, such as renewable energy, mining, agriculture, tourism, education, health, and digitalization. He said that Kyrgyzstan is ready to offer preferential terms and incentives for Japanese companies that are willing to invest and operate in these sectors.

ROTOBO expresses interest and readiness to cooperate with Kyrgyzstan

The management of ROTOBO welcomed President Japarov’s visit and expressed their interest and readiness to cooperate with Kyrgyzstan in various fields. They said that they are impressed by the achievements and reforms that Kyrgyzstan has made in recent years, and that they see a lot of potential and opportunities for expanding and deepening the bilateral economic and trade relations.

They also agreed to take part in the Kyrgyz-Japan Business Forum, and to organize a business mission to Kyrgyzstan in the near future, to explore the possibilities and prospects of cooperation with Kyrgyz partners. They also expressed their willingness to share their experience and expertise with Kyrgyzstan in the areas of innovation, technology, and quality management.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of some of the leading Japanese companies that are members of ROTOBO, such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, and Itochu Corporation. They also had a chance to exchange views and ideas with President Japarov and his delegation on the potential projects and areas of cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Japan.


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