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How To Deliver Business Presentations Inspired By Montessori Method

A recent article by Forbes Technology Council member Pablo Junco, Senior Director of Data, Analytics & AI at Microsoft, reveals how he uses a Montessori-inspired approach to deliver effective and engaging business presentations. Junco shares his insights on how to challenge the norm, explore and interact with the audience, manipulate the environment, repeat for mastery, and reflect on the feedback. Here are some of the key points from his article.

Challenging The Norm

Junco explains that the Montessori method is known for its emphasis on self-directed learning rather than rigid curriculum enforcement. He applies this principle to his presentations by inviting questions and encouraging deeper exploration of the subject matter. He says that this approach challenges the assumption that senior executives are motivated by external rewards, and instead relies on their innate curiosity and drive to learn.

Exploration And Interactive Learning

Junco also emphasizes the importance of exploration and interactive learning in his presentations. He says that he uses generative AI to create dynamic and personalized content that adapts to the audience’s interests and needs. He also uses interactive tools such as polls, quizzes, and simulations to engage the audience and collect feedback. He says that this way, he can tailor his presentation to the specific context and goals of each session.

How To Deliver Business Presentations Inspired By Montessori Method

Manipulation Of The Environment

Another element of the Montessori method that Junco incorporates in his presentations is the manipulation of the environment. He says that he creates a conducive and comfortable setting for his audience by using appropriate lighting, sound, and visuals. He also says that he uses gestures, eye contact, and body language to communicate effectively and build rapport with his audience. He says that these factors can influence the mood and attention of the audience and enhance the impact of his presentation.

Repetition For Mastery

Junco also recognizes the value of repetition for mastery in the Montessori method. He says that he repeats the key messages and concepts of his presentation several times throughout the session, using different formats and examples. He says that this helps his audience to remember and understand the information better. He also says that he provides summaries and takeaways at the end of each section and at the end of the presentation to reinforce the main points.

Time For Self-Reflection

Finally, Junco says that he allocates time for self-reflection at the end of his presentation. He says that he asks his audience to share their feedback, opinions, and questions, and listens to them attentively. He says that he also reflects on his own performance and identifies areas for improvement. He says that this helps him to learn from his experience and enhance his presentation skills.

Using a Montessori-inspired approach to present to senior business leaders can be a refreshing departure from traditional methods. By challenging the “carrot and stick” mentality and incorporating elements of exploration, manipulation, orientation, repetition, and self-reflection, you can create a more engaging and effective learning experience.

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