Evan Rutchik: The Ad Tech Leader Who Empowers Local Businesses

Ad Tech Leader Who Empowers Local Businesses

Evan Rutchik is a prominent figure in the ad tech industry, who has been instrumental in developing innovative and customized advertising solutions for local businesses. He is the CEO of Local Factor Group, a company that leverages data and media to create localized audiences and boost the impact of ads. He is also an angel investor and a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs in the ad tech space.

From New York to the World

Evan Rutchik was born and raised in New York City, where he acquired his educational qualifications and skills. He graduated from Syracuse University with a dual Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Management, and later earned his MBA in Marketing Finance and Entrepreneurship from NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

He started his career in the media industry, working for various companies such as NBC Universal, Warner Bros., and Ogilvy. He then transitioned to the ad tech sector, where he held leadership positions at companies such as Undertone, SteelHouse, and Ogury.

He has been recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the ad tech industry, having won several awards and accolades, such as the Cynopsis Digital “It List” Award, the SmartCEO Future 50 Award, and the Adweek 50 Award.

Ad Tech Leader Who Empowers Local Businesses

Local Factor Group: A Game-Changer for Local Businesses

In 2023, Evan Rutchik founded Local Factor Group, a company that aims to empower local businesses with cutting-edge ad tech solutions. Local Factor Group offers tailor-made advertising programs that use expandable local factor ID data and premium localized media to target ads across tablet, mobile, desktop, and CTV devices.

By combining the power of both data and delivery, Local Factor Group can create a localized audience that enhances the performance and efficiency of media campaigns. Local Factor Group has helped local businesses grow their revenue, brand awareness, and customer loyalty through advertising technology.

Local Factor Group works with a variety of clients across different industries, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and entertainment. Some of their notable clients include Walmart, Starbucks, CVS, Hilton, and Netflix.

RII Ventures: Investing in Revolutionary Innovation

Besides being the CEO of Local Factor Group, Evan Rutchik is also the founder and manager of RII Ventures, an angel fund that focuses on investing in innovative technology. RII Ventures targets early-stage technology-driven businesses that aim to improve people’s experience in life both at the local and global level.

RII Ventures has invested in several promising startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and social media. Some of their portfolio companies include VeriFly, a digital health passport app; BitClout, a social network that allows users to invest in influencers; BioViva, a biotech company that develops gene therapies for aging; SentinelOne, a cybersecurity platform that uses AI to protect endpoints; and Clubhouse, an audio-based social network.

Evan Rutchik is not only an investor but also a mentor for these startups. He provides them with strategic guidance, industry insights, and networking opportunities. He also shares his expertise and vision through various platforms such as podcasts, webinars, blogs, and conferences.

A Visionary Leader with a Passion for Ad Tech

Evan Rutchik is a visionary leader who has a passion for ad tech and its potential to transform the world. He believes that ad tech can be used for good purposes, such as supporting local businesses, creating social impact, and advancing human progress.

He is also a philanthropist who supports various causes and organizations that align with his values and vision. He is a board member of The Ad Council, a nonprofit organization that produces public service campaigns on social issues. He is also involved with The Ad Club of New York, The IAB Education Foundation, The 4A’s Foundation, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The American Cancer Society.

Evan Rutchik is an inspiring example of how ad tech can be used to empower local businesses and make a positive difference in the world.


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