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ECHL player gets penalty for shooting chicken nugget into stands

A hockey player from the ECHL’s Maine Mariners got into trouble for firing a chicken nugget into the crowd during a game against the Worcester Railers on Friday night.

A bizarre incident

The incident happened in the second period of the game, when Maine’s forward Ty Ronning was celebrating a goal by his teammate Mathew Santos. Ronning grabbed a chicken nugget from a fan’s box of food and shot it into the stands with his stick, hitting another fan in the face. The fan was not injured, but was visibly annoyed by the unexpected snack.

Ronning was immediately assessed a two-minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct by the referee, who also confiscated the remaining nuggets from the fan’s box. The penalty proved costly for the Mariners, as the Railers scored a power-play goal to tie the game at 2-2.

A rare occurrence

Ronning’s chicken nugget shot was a rare occurrence in professional hockey, as players are usually not allowed to interact with fans or their food during a game. The ECHL, which is the third tier of North American hockey, has a reputation for being a more entertaining and unpredictable league, where players often engage in fights, pranks, and antics.

ECHL player gets penalty for shooting chicken nugget into stands

However, Ronning’s stunt was not well received by the league, which fined and suspended him for one game as a result of his actions. The league announced the disciplinary action on Saturday, stating that Ronning violated Rule #28 – Supplementary Discipline, which covers any conduct that is detrimental to the game or the league.

A mixed reaction

Ronning’s chicken nugget shot sparked a mixed reaction from fans and media, who either praised or criticized his creativity and humor. Some fans found the incident hilarious and harmless, while others thought it was disrespectful and dangerous. Some media outlets called it a “legendary” and “epic” move, while others labeled it a “disgrace” and a “shame”.

Ronning himself apologized for his actions after the game, saying that he was just trying to have some fun and did not mean to hurt anyone. He also said that he would pay for the fan’s food and offer him a free ticket to a future game. The fan, who declined to be identified, accepted Ronning’s apology and said that he was not angry, but just surprised by the chicken nugget.

A memorable game

Despite Ronning’s penalty and suspension, the Mariners won the game by a score of 5-3, thanks to a hat trick by Santos and a late goal by Alex Kile. The game was the first of a three-game series between the two teams, who are both in the North Division of the ECHL. The Mariners improved their record to 9-6-1, while the Railers fell to 6-9-2.

The game was also memorable for another reason, as it featured the first female referee in ECHL history. Katie Guay, who has officiated several international and collegiate games, made her debut as a linesman in the game, along with Ryan Jenken. Guay said that she was honored and excited to be part of the ECHL, and that she received a warm welcome from the players and coaches.

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