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Big Brother is back: How the new series compares to the original

Big Brother, the reality show that changed the face of British TV, has returned after a five-year hiatus. The new series, which has moved to ITV, features 16 contestants who will live together in a house for several weeks, facing challenges and evictions. But how does the reboot compare to the original show that ran from 2000 to 2018? Here are some of the main differences and similarities.

New hosts and new channel

The new series is hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best, who have replaced the previous hosts Davina McCall and Emma Willis. Some fans have expressed their nostalgia for the former presenters, while others have welcomed the fresh faces. Davina herself posted on Twitter during the first episode, saying she had “horrific fomo [fear of missing out]”.

The show has also switched channels, from Channel 4 to Channel 5, and now to ITV. The launch show was watched by 2 million viewers on ITV1, and another 527,000 on ITV2, which will be its primary home in the coming weeks. The ratings are lower than the peak of Big Brother’s popularity, but still respectable for a reality show.

big brother itv launch night

New housemates and new twists

The new series has a diverse and interesting cast of housemates, ranging from a bingo caller to a Miss Universe contestant. They also have different backgrounds and personalities, which could lead to some clashes and drama. The show has also introduced some new twists, such as blowing up one housemate’s suitcase and making another one face eviction on the first night.

However, some critics have argued that the show feels outdated and tired compared to newer reality formats, such as Love Island and The Traitors. They also pointed out that the launch show was pre-recorded, which took away some of the spontaneity and excitement of the live shows.

New duty of care policy

The new series has also taken steps to ensure the well-being of the housemates and their families and friends. The show has asked them to not post anything about the show on their social media accounts while they are in the house. It has also reminded fans to be kind online and respect the housemates as real people.

This comes after some controversies involving on-screen talent in recent years, such as suicides and online abuse. The show has said it has a duty of care policy that includes psychological support and aftercare for the housemates.

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