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B3 Invests in Trading Screen Technology Firm MBOCHIP

B3, the company that operates the São Paulo stock exchange, has announced a BRL 10 million (USD 1.98 million) investment in MBOCHIP, a tech firm based in Porto Alegre that specializes in trading screen technologies. The deal aims to improve B3’s systems and platforms, especially for institutional investors.

B3’s Drive to Modernize Its Systems and Platforms

B3 said that the partnership with MBOCHIP is part of its ongoing effort to modernize its systems and platforms, and to provide better solutions for its clients. B3’s vice president of operations, Mario Palhares, said that the collaboration will allow B3 to advance in developing technology solutions for the capital markets.

MBOCHIP is known for its offerings in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, which provides a programmable chip that accelerates the execution of algorithms. The company’s portfolio includes an electronic trading platform called SiliconTrader, which mainly serves institutional clients.

B3 added that the partnership will bring improvements in areas such as ultra-low latency, expert support, swift response times, and the continuous evolution of product development tailored for the capital markets.

B3 Invests in Trading Screen Technology Firm MBOCHIP

MBOCHIP’s Benefits from the Partnership

MBOCHIP will benefit from B3’s financial backing and access to a broader clientele, while maintaining its operational autonomy. The company was founded in 2009 and has been providing trading screen technologies for various markets, including equities, derivatives, commodities, and currencies.

MBOCHIP’s CEO, Marcelo Oliveira, said that the partnership with B3 is a recognition of the company’s innovation and quality. He said that MBOCHIP will continue to invest in research and development, and to offer cutting-edge solutions for the financial industry.

B3’s Other Partnerships in Technology

The investment in MBOCHIP is not the first time that B3 has partnered with other technology companies to enhance its operations. In July, B3 announced a partnership with Nasdaq to develop a new clearing platform for transaction clearing in the capital markets. The new platform will extend its services to all markets currently handled by B3’s Clearinghouse, covering a wide range of financial products.

The collaboration with Nasdaq allows B3 to leverage Nasdaq’s expertise in managing high-volume and diverse markets, enhancing its post-trade product portfolio and solution capabilities.

Earlier this year, B3 also led a funding round for Vermiculus Financial Technology, a Swedish tech enterprise focused on stock exchanges and clearing technology. The partnership aims to create a cloud-based depository system to accommodate new investors and issuers by 2025.

In summary, B3’s investment in MBOCHIP and its partnerships with Nasdaq and Vermiculus Financial Technology demonstrate the company’s commitment to modernizing its systems and platforms, providing better solutions for institutional investors, and developing innovative technologies for the capital markets.

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