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A New Era of Development: ADB’s Strategic Vision for Georgia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has unveiled a transformative strategy for Georgia, marking a significant shift towards sustainable and inclusive growth. This five-year plan promises to leverage Georgia’s strategic position as a regional nexus, fostering economic resilience and societal well-being.

A Green and Inclusive Gateway

The new country partnership strategy (CPS) is a blueprint for progress, focusing on green initiatives and inclusivity. It aims to channel investments into sectors that will catalyze Georgia’s evolution into a dynamic hub for the region. The strategy underscores the importance of environmental sustainability and social equity, ensuring that development benefits all layers of Georgian society.

Asian Development Bank Georgia partnership strategy

Georgia’s aspirations to integrate more deeply with regional economies and the European Union are at the heart of the CPS. By enhancing connectivity and trade, the ADB seeks to bolster Georgia’s role as a bridge between Europe and Asia. This vision aligns with the nation’s long-term goals, as outlined in its National Development Strategy, Vision 2030.

Investing in People and Infrastructure

Human capital development is a cornerstone of the ADB’s strategy. By supporting education and vocational training, the bank aims to empower the Georgian workforce, equipping them with the skills necessary for a modern economy. The CPS also emphasizes the need for robust infrastructure, capable of withstanding the challenges posed by climate change and natural disasters.

The ADB’s commitment extends to the private sector, where it plans to stimulate growth through policy reforms and capacity building. This approach is expected to create a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship, driving economic diversification and job creation.

Strengthening Economic Foundations

The CPS outlines a comprehensive approach to fortify Georgia’s economic pillars. It includes measures to enhance the financial viability of state-owned enterprises, improve social protection systems, and develop the nation’s pension and capital markets. These reforms are designed to lay a solid foundation for sustained economic health and stability.

The ADB’s new partnership strategy for Georgia is a testament to the enduring collaboration between the bank and the country. It reflects a shared commitment to a future where economic growth goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship and social inclusion.

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