NATO Leader Warns – Ukraine War will last for years

Ukraine War: On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and launched a military operation. Russia’s offensive has been going on for four months. The war has shaken not only the region but the entire European continent.

Ukraine has decided to join NATO, the US – European bloc, in the interest of its security, as Russia has continued to threaten Ukraine. It was in this context that President Putin launched the war. Putin has justified his war because Ukraine’s joining NATO forces would pose a threat to Russia.

Ukraine War

US, European, and NATO forces continue to provide arms and economic assistance to Ukraine. In this context, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has issued a keynote address on the war. In an interview with the German daily Bildt, he said, “This war is likely to extend year by year. We must be prepared for this. We must continue to provide much-needed assistance to Ukraine. We should not let.

He warned, “If Putin’s plan succeeds, we will have to pay a higher price for this.”

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