Since the first PlayStation dropped in the mid-90s, Sony has been a major power in the gaming space. The PlayStation 2 was a top selling console in its day and the PlayStation 3 pushed boundaries with design choices, like a Blu-ray player and the cell processor. 

Now we have the PlayStation 4, which has dominated the space since its release in 2013. Unfortunately, that hasn‘t resulted in many big price drops on the system, despite being over four years old. That is, until now.

Walmart is offering a for $349. Separately, these would run around $400 at full price, making for a pretty attractive console bundle.

While at its core the hasn‘t changed much since 2013, it hasn‘t needed to. It may not be the most powerful system on the market right now, but that doesn‘t mean the system has suffered because of it. Instead, Sony doubled down on the growing list of games available only on PS4, which is why you get with this bundle. 

The Show is the only Madden-esque baseball game on the market and is only available on PS4, making it an easier choice for any baseball fans who may not have a console or are looking to jump ship from Nintendo or Microsoft. A year of is a great addition too, as it will let you jump online immediately and start playing against other baseball fans, no credit card needed.

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