Natia Turnava Meets with the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Netherlands

In a significant development, Natia Turnava, the Acting President of the National Bank of Georgia, recently held a working meeting with Robin Uyterlinde, the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Netherlands. The meeting served as a platform for fruitful discussions on various economic aspects and bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

A Closer Look at the Meeting

During the meeting, the Georgian delegation provided comprehensive insights into the country’s macroeconomic landscape. Key topics covered included:

Macroeconomic Trends: The Georgian side shared valuable information about the main macroeconomic trends within the nation. This discussion encompassed critical aspects such as economic growth, inflation rates, and fiscal policies.

Monetary Policy Framework: The current framework of monetary policy in Georgia was a focal point. The delegation highlighted the measures taken to maintain stability and promote sustainable economic growth.

Georgian delegation meeting with Dutch officials

Banking Supervision Reforms: The reforms implemented in terms of banking supervision were also discussed. The National Bank’s supervisory policies and their impact on the financial sector were explored in detail.

Regional Context

The conversation extended beyond national boundaries, touching upon broader regional developments. Challenges faced by the region were addressed, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to overcome them.

Acknowledging Cooperation

Natia Turnava expressed gratitude to the Dutch partners for their unwavering cooperation and technical assistance across various domains. Notably, the Netherlands has been a strong supporter of the National Bank of Georgia, particularly in areas like financial education.

“In recent years, Georgia has emerged as a regional leader in various activities, and financial education remains a shared objective for all countries. In this regard, Georgia is a valuable partner within the European Community,” stated Robin Uyterlinde.

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