Meet Rob Kent: General Manager and Co-proprietor of the Toronto Titans


“I had been an investment banker for 25 years, and now I am the General Manager of the Toronto Titans,” he said, about his heritage. He is also the founder of the Lake Ontario Swim Team.

On turning into co-owner and General Manager of the Toronto Titans, he stated, “It turned into pretty a wonder. I am also the founder and President of the Global Swim Series, which involves mass participation in open water swimming instead of elite pool swimming.”


Most surprising about the ISL is that it’s miles the first professional swimming league inside the global, and the primary in reality worldwide sports activities league. The Toronto Titans are the first ISL swimming crew that is based totally in Canada.

Some of the first swimmers he already signed (and formally announced) encompass Kylie Masse, Anton McKee, Kayla Sanchez, Michael Chadwick, and Blake Pieroni. He underscored the importance of constructing a team way of life with the Toronto Titans. “We have an entire bunch of actually excellent swimmers, and we’re surely excited about them,” he stated. “Team tradition is key to me and really essential,” he delivered.

Without gifting away too much of his roster of global-elegance swimmers, he revealed that it’s miles noticeably-eclectic from such countries as Canada, america, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.

“It is such an global team,” he admitted. “We have several other former international file holders. We are quite pleased with how nicely the recruitment process has long gone in regard to setting together this group. It turned into quite exciting,” he exclaimed.


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