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Luca Polare’s Expansion: A Sweet Success in Baku

Luca Polare, the renowned Georgian ice cream and coffee shop chain, has recently marked a significant expansion in Baku, Azerbaijan, by opening three more branches. This strategic move brings their total to five branches within the city, showcasing the brand’s growing popularity and success beyond its home country.

A Journey of Growth and Flavor

The journey of Luca Polare into Azerbaijan began in the summer of 2023 when they first ventured beyond Georgian borders. The initial branch opened in August, followed by a uniquely conceptualized branch earlier this year. The latest expansion involved an investment of USD 890 thousand, indicating a strong commitment to establishing a solid presence in Baku.

The brand’s philosophy combines high-quality ingredients with a cozy atmosphere, which has resonated well with the local populace. Their diverse menu offerings, ranging from artisanal ice creams to robust coffee blends, cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Luca Polare Baku Branches

Cultivating Local Tastes

Luca Polare’s approach to expansion has been mindful and adaptive. They have taken care to integrate local flavors and preferences into their menu, creating a fusion that honors Azerbaijani tastes while retaining the essence of their Georgian roots.

The new branches have been designed with an eye for detail, ensuring that each location reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and customer experience. The interiors are crafted to provide a welcoming environment where customers can enjoy their treats in comfort and style.

Future Prospects and Community Impact

The success of Luca Polare in Baku is not just a business triumph; it’s a testament to cultural exchange and the universal language of good taste. The company’s growth has also had a positive impact on the local economy, providing jobs and supporting local suppliers.

Looking ahead, Luca Polare plans to continue its expansion while maintaining the high standards that have become synonymous with their name. Their story is one of ambition tempered with care, a recipe that has served them well in their journey so far.

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