Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online The majority of the original cast of voices of the Latin American version was present in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Mario Castañeda resumed Goku, René García to Vegeta, Gerardo Reyero to Freezer, Ricardo Brust to Broly and Rocío Garcel to Bulma, mainly.In fact Brust, voice of Broly, returned to work in the franchise almost two decades later and his execution in the film is good, since the years of difference are not noticed too much in his voice and in the hundreds of shouts he gives during the battles In addition, now had the opportunity to give greater nuances, thanks to the new version of his character.The interpretations of Gerardo Reyero as Frieza stand out, the “Emperor of Evil”, always elegant; and Mario Castañeda as Bardock, who sounds much darker and with more personality than the childish and playful protagonist.In addition, Eduardo Garza, the dubbing director, endeavored to gather most of the original voices, so he managed to bring Roberto Sen (Paragus) and José Luis Castañeda (Nappa) back. In addition, he also included Abel Rocha, who despite his advanced age (93 years), continues to be the voice of the legendary Shen Long.

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