Attorney General Herring calls on Virginia tenants to know their rights

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — Attorney General Mark Herring launched a assertion on Thursday urging Virginia tenants to familiarize themselves with their rights and protections in the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

The request comes as many residents are experiencing financial hardships and unable to pay hire and other most important bills. Along with that, there are specific eviction laws in location and some landlords may also try to evict residents below fake pretenses.


In Herring’s declaration, he information prison statistics and provides contacts and informational assets on topics consisting of evictions and abandonment, and extended stay accommodations and resorts. He also recommends it’s far beneficial to do some research and end up acquainted with tenants’ rights even as the emergency order continues to be in impact.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 many Virginians have observed themselves in difficult economic situations and may not have the capability to pay their rent proper now, that is why it’s so crucial that each Virginia tenant knows their rights at some stage in this time,” said Herring.

“It is surely outrageous that any landlords are looking to evict their tenants right now at a time whilst we are asking each Virginian to stay home to maintain themselves and their families secure and save you in addition spread of the virus,” he endured.

“Under the extended judicial emergency order, all non-important, non-emergency court court cases, including new eviction cases, have been suspended until as a minimum May 17, 2020,” said Office of the Attorney General officers. “This manner that a landlord cannot legally evict a tenant for any non-emergency purpose like no longer paying lease. You do not have to circulate simply because your landlord tells you to.”

The release explains that a notice of abandonment isn’t always a ligament motive to evict tenants sheltering in location.

Extended stay resorts and lodges also have exceptional eviction rules.

“If you’ve got stayed in a resort or a resort for extra than ninety days or have a written rent with a term of more than ninety days, you’re blanketed underneath the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA) and cannot be evicted for a non-emergency reason during the required continuances required beneath the judicial emergency order,” in keeping with officers.

“Those who are presently residing in lodges or resorts however have no longer been there for 90 days or do not have a lease aren’t covered by VRLTA, but the landlord need to deliver them a 5-day word of eviction if the resident has failed to pay,” the assertion maintains


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