Attorney General encourages Governor to reopen cosmetology enterprise


Monday Attorney General Jeff Landry petitioned Governor John Bel Edwards to allow the cosmetology industry in Louisiana to reopen.

Attorney General Jeff Landry has asked Governor John Bel Edwards to do not forget reopening small corporations like barbershops and hair salons, and to amend his proclamation.


“We have heaps of certified cosmetologists in our State; many are unbiased contractors who have no different supply of earnings and are struggling to make ends meet,” said General Landry.

“They now not most effective want to serve their clients, but they also want to paintings which will positioned food on their tables and provide for their children.”

In a letter to Governor Edwards General Landry notes that even as some clients may be cautious of getting too close to their vendors, others surely have the desire to get hold of service.

“Whether to enhance private hygiene or increase mental psyche for the duration of these hard times, the demand side is actual; however the supply aspect has been absolutely close off by means of 33 JBE 2020,” wrote Landry.

After urging the Governor to amend his Proclamation so this enterprise can also reopen with common-experience and reasonable recommendations that hold public fitness and the welfare of Louisiana’s human beings, General Landry made it clean that “making an allowance for reopening does no longer require these corporations to reopen or require clients to avail themselves of the service; as an alternative, it offers our State’s humans the possibility to make their very own choices.”


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